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Tennis Evolution

online tennis instruction

Improve your game from the comforts of your home...

become the player that everyone wants to play with...

and transform your game...

by using Pete Lutze's proven TOTL system...

Have you ever taken a tennis class and the next day you've forgotten almost all of what you learned?

Research shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of the information they learned. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70 percent of new information, and within a week, they have forgotten 90 percent of it.

That's why we created this online course.

You've invested a lot of money into the on-court classes and this complementary course is designed to maximize your return.

Just imagine, you're playing a friend and you miss a big shot.

First, you yell "F#:!?"

and then you think, "Where should I have been positioned for that volley?"

baseline ready position jpg

Normally you would have to try to remember what you're coach told you in last week's class.

Now, you can pull up your lesson either on your smartphone or computer, and you've got your answer!

It's like you're taking Pete home with you.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

Here's what you're going to get with Tennis Evolution...

Module 1: Volleys


Lesson 1: Court Positioning

Lesson 2: Split Step

Lesson 3: Ready Position

Lesson 4: Forehand Execution

Lesson 5: Backhand Execution

Lesson 6: TOTL System

Lesson 7: How To Hit The Low Volley

Lesson 8: Putting Away The High Volleys

Module 1: Overheads


Lesson 1: Technique

Lesson 2: TOTL System

Lesson 3: Errors To Avoid

Module 2: Groundstrokes


Lesson 1: Baseline Positioning

Lesson 2: Ready Position

Lesson 3: Technique

Lesson 4: TOTL System

Lesson  5: Footwork

Lesson 6: TOTL "On The Move"

Module 2: Groundstrokes


Lesson 1: Technique

Lesson 2: TOTL System

Lesson 3: Footwork

Lesson 4: TOTL "On The Move"

Lesson  5: TOTL "Turn, Push, Hit"

Module 3: The Serve


Lesson 1: Positioning

Lesson 2: Technique

Lesson 3: TOTL System

Lesson 4: Broken Serve

Lesson  5: Roundhouse Serve

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 60 days to get a refund. We want to take the risk out of your hands. Go through our course, apply what you learn and if it’s not working for you, just write our staff an email and we’ll refund your money. But you’re not going to do that because we’ve spent years perfecting this system and believe in it. It’s proven and it will work for you.

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